Feature Pack 6 or later

Troubleshooting: IBM Web Content Manager integration

When a link for image content from IBM Web Content Manager is added to a Management Center object, the link might not display as valid. This error occurs only when the image link is added as an asset within the properties view Display section for a Management Center object.


On the properties view for a Management Center object, you can encounter an error when you select image content from the external system. For example, if you punch-out to IBM Web Content Managerand select a link for a thumbnail. Then, when you save your choice and return to Management Center, the selected link is added to the file, and the image displays. The link, however is not identified as a valid link to an image and generates the following error
The Thumbnail Image URL is not an image. Ensure that the selected URL is an image.


Select a resource content URL that is an image not a link content URL. This message is generated because the link to an external content management system is not a direct resource display type, which is the valid display type.