Feature Pack 5

Testing your store

WebSphere Commerce provides a test assets package that contains documentation and tools to help introduce, plan, and run Functional Verification Testing (FVT) for your store.

The starter store companion asset contains the following tools to assist with test automation:

Asset Description
StoreTestHarness Java project The Storefront Test Automation Engine contains the core implementation that allows for control over a web browser.

Automated test cases provide a long-term solution that improves the efficiency of regression testing. For example, if a new fix pack or customization fix is applied, your store needs to be retested to ensure that it is behaving appropriately. When working with automated test cases, a tester must run one or more automation scripts to verify the new fix. The tester no longer must run each test case step-by-step, saving a considerable amount of time.

The test assets package contains the Java framework for the Storefront Test Automation Engine. The framework uses automation scripts derived from test cases and accompanying data to test the functions of a store.

Javadoc Documentation for the test scripts and the Storefront Test Automation Engine.