Introduced in Feature Pack 2

Creating a day-of-month scheduling task command implementation

The Subscription scheduler supports simple scheduling, which is based on the fixed frequency between fulfillment dates. In this lesson, you implement a new task command to support the day-of-month scheduling.

This day-of-month schedule task command performs the two following tasks:
  1. Computes the entire schedule given the schedule type and the day-of-month values.
  2. Computes the next occurrence, given the previous fulfillment occurrences and the existing schedule information.
While creating a subscription entry, the create action invokes the day-of-month evaluate command to determine the entire fulfillment schedule. During the creation of child orders, the schedule action invokes this evaluate command to compute the next fulfillment given its previous occurrences.


  1. Copy the file:
    1. In the Enterprise Explorer view, expand WebSphereCommerceServerExtensionsLogic > src.
    2. Right-click New > Package.
    3. Name the Package: com.mycompany.commerce.subscription.commands
    4. Copy the file from the temporary location where you extracted, temp\src\com\mycompany\commerce\subscription\commands to the Package created in the last step in WebSphere Commerce Developer.
    5. Ignore if any errors are present in the file.
  2. Register the following command implementation in CMDREG table:
    1. Connect to the development database.
    2. Insert into cmdreg (storeent_id,interfacename,classname,target) values (0,'','com.mycompany.commerce.subscription.commands.DayOfMonthSchedulerEvaluateCmdImpl','Local');