Troubleshooting: Error on OrderItemsCheckout.jsp page

After completing migration of WebSphere Commerce, a problem is encountered on the checkout page.


When trying to perform actions on the OrderItemCheckout.jsp page you get the following error:
JSPG0069E: Unmatched end tag found while parsing jsp. Expecting
jsp:root found flow:ifDisabled at [78,22]


The JSP page has an extra JSTL tag that needs to be removed. Complete the following steps:

  1. Copy the OrderItemCheckout.jsp file found in directory WC_eardir/Stores.war/ storedir/include to a temporary location on your system.
  2. Edit the copied OrderItemCheckout.jsp file. Go to the line indicated in the error message, for example line 78, and remove the whole line which should only contain </flow:ifDisabled>.
  3. Update the application with this modified JSP file.
  4. Refer to Stages of deploying customized assets and follow the instructions for packaging a single JSP file and deploying single JSP file.