Applying a restocking fee for returns

By default, when a customer returns an item a restocking fee is not applied. You can customize WebSphere Commerce to charge customers a restocking fee; the fee can be either a flat rate, or a percentage amount of the order.

Before you begin

Determine how to apply a restocking fee:
  • Flat rate adjustment:

    If the flat amount of the restocking fee is greater than the original credit amount of one of the return items, an exception is thrown indicating that the credit amount of a return item cannot be negative.

  • Percentage adjustment:


  1. Add a ReturnCharge policy, by running the following SQL statements:
    insert into policy (policy_id,policyname,policyType_id,storeent_id,properties) values (policy_id,'RestockingFee','ReturnCharge',store_id,properties);
    insert into termcond (termcond_id,tcsubtype_id,trading_id,sequence) values (termcond_id,'ReturnTCReturnCharge',trading_id,0);
    insert into policytc values(termcond_id,policy_id,0);
    The store ID of the store.
    The trading item ID for the order item in the return merchandise authorization (RMA).
    The properties specified in the policy. For example:
  2. Register the policy command in the CMDREG table.
    insert into cmdreg values(0,'',null,implementation_name',null,null,'local',null);
    	implementation_name is the name (including package name) of the selected policy command.
    The full name, including the package name, of the selected policy command:

What to do next

Deploy the changes to the production server.