StoreCatalogDisplay URL

This URL redirects to the TopCategoryDisplay page.

URL structure

http:// host_name/path/
The fully qualified name of your WebSphere Commerce Server and the configuration path.

Parameter values

Sets or resets the preferred language for the duration of the session. The supported languages for a store are found in the STORELANG table.
Required: The reference number of the store associated with the catalogs.


This example displays a store's catalog list:



This URL can be used as the first page of a shopping flow to display the catalogs of a given store, then proceeds to TopCategoriesDisplay, which displays the root categories of a given catalog, then finally to CategoryDisplay, which displays a category within a given catalog.

  • Launches the StoreCatalogDisplayView command.
  • The default behavior is to display all the catalogs in the store.
  • Maps to the StoreCatalogDisplayCmd interface.

Exception Conditions