WebSphere Commerce Enterprise

Default contract

A default contract defines the default customer entitlement for a store or a group of stores. The default contract applies to all customers shopping at a store who do not have any other contract with the store, for example, guest customers. Also, the default contract will apply to customers buying products not covered by other contracts they have with the store if the customer is permitted to purchase products that are not covered by a contract.

WebSphere Commerce - ExpressWebSphere Commerce ProfessionalNote: WebSphere Commerce, Professional Edition only supports a default contract for a store. No other contracts are supported.

A typical default contract for a store specifies the following information:

  • The customer can purchase all products available in the store catalog.
  • The customer pays the standard price for products. No mark-ups or discounts apply.
  • Payment is specified during order processing. The customer can use any payment method accepted by the store.
  • The customer can select any shipping provider supported by the store to ship an order.
  • The ship-to address for an order is specified by the customer during order processing.

You must create a default contract during store development.