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Experiments considerations

When experiments that you have created in WebSphere Commerce Accelerator are running in the store, the Scheduler launches a job that determines whether any of the current experiments have expired. The job compares the expiration date specified in the experiment to the current system date. When an experiment is identified as expired, its status is updated in the database, and the experiment is prevented from displaying to customers.

Note: If you use Management Center to create marketing experiments, you can disable this job.

By default, this job runs every 5 minutes. In extreme cases, it is possible that this job could require more than 5 minutes to complete, thus overlapping with the next scheduled instance of this job. The resulting impact can seriously affect system performance and thus, customer experience.

To reduce this possibility, you can increase the interval between the jobs. To change the time interval for the job, run the following SQL statement:

    WHERE SCCPATHINFO = 'ExperimentCheckExpiry'

The SCCINTERVAL value defines the length of time, in seconds, before the job will be restarted.