Installing on Mac OS

Follow these steps to install HCL Client Application Access (HCAA) on Mac OS if the installation isn't done for you.

Before you begin

Read the topic Dual client installation scenarios.

About this task

  • If you are an IBM SmartCloud® Notes® user and have an earlier version of ICAA installed, the Auto Update Service upgrades HCAA for you and you can skip this procedure. For more information about the Auto Update Service, see Upgrading with the Auto Update Service on Mac OS (cloud users).
  • The installation requires administrator account access to your computer.


By default, this is the multi-user installation; this will always install a multi-user version of HCL Client Application Access.
  • HCL Client Application Access Installer.pkg does not contain a JVM or spelling checker - the operating system spell check engine and JVM installed on the system are used.
  • Packages are packed into HCL Client Application Access Installer.pkg, so you simply need to run HCL Client Application Access Installer.pkg and accept the License agreement. The remainder of the installation is done in the default path as follows:
    • Program Directory: /Applications/HCL Client Application Access
    • Data Directory: /Users/USER_NAME/Library/Application Support/HCL Notes Data
    • Notes® Preferences location: /Users/USER_NAME/Library/Preferences

    If you have an HCL Notes® client installed, HCAA uses the existing Notes® client data directory and Notes® Preferences file.

  • Attachment viewing is not supported. The attachment viewer is not included with the installation package.

What to do next

To start HCAA, double-click its icon on the Desktop. If this is the first time you are using it, complete the configuration wizard.