Installing on Citrix XenApp server

Administrators can follow these steps to install HCL Client Application Access (HCAA) on a Citrix XenApp server.

Before you begin

  • Make sure you have installed a supported version of Citrix XenApp.
  • Read the topic Dual client installation scenarios to understand the extent to which HCAA and HCL Notes® versions can coexist.

About this task


  1. Download the HCAA 3.0 install kit.
  2. Log on to the Citrix server as the Administrator.
  3. Run the HCAA setup.exe in one of the following ways:
    Your goalCommand to use
    Multi user installation with one data directory setup.exe /v"SETMULTIUSER=1 CITRIX=1"
    Multi user installation with two data directories: a common directory (for shared files such as templates) and a user directory for user-specific data setup.exe /v"SETMULTIUSER=1 CITRIX=1 MULTIUSERBASEDIR=C:\<user_data_directory>\!USERNAME! MULTIUSERCOMMONDIR=C:\<common_data_directory>"