Enabling data pre-cache

You can specify for each Client if the data to download to run an action must be pre-cached on the Client or not and how.

You can decide whether the data requested to run an action on a Client can start to be downloaded:
After all constrains are satisfied.
If you do so, after all constraints are satisfied, the action needs to wait for the entire data to be downloaded, in the pre-fetch area, before starting to run. In this case the data download is a constraint itself. When the data download to the pre-fetch area completes, the action satisfies all the constraints so the data is moved in the __Download area and the action can start running. The risk is that the download might take longer than expected and, in the worst case, the time window during which the action can run could elapse before the data download completes, preventing the action from running.
Before all constrains are satisfied.
In this case the data download starts as soon as the action becomes relevant for the Client and before all constraints, such as start time, are evaluated. The data is downloaded on the Client disk in the pre-cache area. When all the constraints are met, the downloaded data is moved from the pre-cache area to the pre-fetch area. When the action is ready to start, the data is moved in the __Download area and the action starts running.

By doing so you allow the action to start earlier and, in case of an offer displayed to the user, you shorten the time that a user must wait for the offer to be downloaded after acceptance.

The potential risks in this case consist of the possibility of an action deadlock due to a lack of disk space, and, if running a group action, the possibility that the group will never starts because the disk space configuration does not allow the simultaneous existence of all downloads of the group in the Client system.
Starting from BigFix V9.5.10, you can prevent the risk to affect the group action processing by using the client setting _BESClient_Download_PreCacheStageContinueWhenDiskLimited. If you set _BESClient_Download_PreCacheStageContinueWhenDiskLimited=1, on that Client a group action can start, assuming that all other constraints are met, as long as the first sub action requiring downloads can collect all downloads for that sub action, and the action processing can continue even when the pre-cached downloads for all sub action cannot be available on the system at the same time due to disk space requirements (DiskLimited or DiskFreeLimited constraints).
Note: This setting does not affect single action processing, In other words, a single action or sub-action can still be constrained and blocked from running by insufficient disk space to hold downloads required for that specific action.
By default, on a BigFix Client _BESClient_Download_PreCacheStageContinueWhenDiskLimited=0, which means that a group action can start only after all the sub action downloads are available at the same time on the system.