Changing the Client Icon

By default, the icon in the upper left corner of the client UI is the BigFix logo.

This same icon is shown in the tray when an action is pending and in the task bar when the program is running. You can change this icon to help you clarify to your users who is the source of the action, and also to comply with corporate branding and trademark requirements. Follow these steps to change the icon:

  • On Windows systems:
    1. Run the BigFix Administration Tool from Start > Program Files > BigFix > BigFix Administration Tool.
    2. Click System Options tab.
    3. Click Add Icon and use the Open dialog to browse for your icon (.ico) file.
On Linux systems:
  1. Identify the path of the new icon, for example: /IEM/newicon.ico.
  2. From the /opt/BESServer/bin command prompt, start the command line:
    ./iem login --server=servername:serverport --user=username --password=password
  3. From the /opt/BESServer/bin command prompt, run the following command:
    ./iem post /IEM/newicon.ico admin/icon
    where: /IEM/newicon.ico represents the full path of the new icon and admin/icon is the parameter to use to upload the new icon.

The icon is propagated to the clients, but it is not incorporated into the interface until the client restarts. After that, when a client interface opens (in response to an action, a dashboard or an offer), it includes the graphic icon you specified.