Using the SCC download cacher for air-gapped environments

You can use the SCC download cacher for air-gapped environments by using the buildRepo subcommand to download all patches for a repository to a specified directory.

Before you begin

  • Ensure you have access to the BigFix supported SUSE base repositories and sub-repositories. To check, run the subcommand check-allrepos.
  • Ensure you have enough space to download the repository metadata and packages. To check for the required storage space, run the subcommand check-storagereq.
  • Increase the BigFix server’s sha1 folder size limit by doing the following steps:
    1. From the BigFix console, right-click the computer and select Edit Computer Setting.
    2. Increase the _BESGather_Download_CacheLimitMB size.

      The suggested size is the current BigFix server’s sha1 folder size plus the size of sha1_download_dir.

      If the size of the sha1_download_dir cannot be determined beforehand the suggested size of the sha1_download_dir is a minimum of 50GB per repository. Note that the minimum size of 50GB might increase over time.


  1. Use the buildRepo subcommand with the SCCDownloadCacher.exe file to download all patches for a repository to a specified directory. For example:
    SCCDownloadCacher.exe --mirrorUser username  --mirrorPass password 
    --download_dir C:\downloads --sha1_download_dir C:\sha1_downloads
    buildRepo --key sles-12-x86_64-sp0,sles-11-x86-sp4

    In this example, the download cacher tool downloads the packages to sha1_download_dir and the repository metadata to download_dir for both the "sles-12-x86_64-sp0" and "sles-11-x86-sp4" repositories.

  2. Transfer the download_dir to the air-gapped BigFix server and the sha1 files in sha1_download_dir to the BigFix Server’s sha1 fold.
  3. Open the configuration file of the SCC download plug-in called plugin.ini. Configure the plugin.ini file with the following settings so that the SCC download plug-in retrieves the required packages from the directory instead of trying to retrieve the packages online.
    localCache = <download_directory_specified_for_the_--download_dir_parameter>
    localCacheOnly = yes
    Tip: Use the showKeys command to show the list of OS keys for the currently supported repositories in the <cacher directory>\logs\SCCDownloadCacher.log file :
    SCCDownloadCacher.exe --mirrorUser <username> --mirrorPass <password> 
    [parameters] showsKeys