SLE Btrfs snapshot management

View and manage SLE Btrfs snapshots from the BigFix console. Snapshot management uses Snapper's ability to roll back Btrfs file system snapshots. This feature works with SUSE Linux Enterprise version 11 SP2 and later.

Btrfs is a new copy-on-write file system that supports file system snapshots of subvolumes. Subvolumes can be in the form of one or more separately-mountable file systems within each physical partition. A snapshot is a copy of the state of a subvolume at a certain time. It is essentially a clone of the subvolume. For more information about Snapper, see the SUSE product documentation at
Note: For SUSE Linux Enterprise version 11 SP2 systems, snapshots can be taken only if the partitions are subvolumes and contain the snapper configuration.