BigFix enables organizations to securely manage even the most intermittently connected mobile users, delivering continuous updates regardless of connectivity to the internal corporate network and enforcing policies offline to ensure regulatory compliance.

BigFix provides the following new features and enhancements:
  • Unicode support: BigFix Platform V9.5 gathers data from BigFix clients deployed with different code pages and languages, encodes the data into UTF-8 format, and reports it back to the BigFix server.
  • HTTPS gathering: you can gather license updates and external sites via the HTTPS protocol on a BigFix server or in an airgapped environment.
  • SAML V2.0 integration: BigFix uses the passport-saml authentication provider to allow both Identity provider (IdP) initiated and Service provider (SP) initiated authentication.
  • Database cleanup tools: you can use the BESAdmin interface or the BESAdmin command line to remove data about computers, custom fixlets, properties, analyses, and actions and to update the PropertyIDMap table with changes.
  • FillDB log rotation: it is active by default with LogFileSizeLimit set to 100 MB.

For more information about BigFix Platform V9.5, see the following Knowledge Center: BigFix V9.5 Platform documentation.

For more information about the changes and the enhancements, see Change and Release Notes.