Unregistering endpoints from a repository or SMT

Use the SLE Custom Repository Management dashboard to unregister endpoints from repositories or SMTs that are no longer relevant.

About this task

When you unregister a repository, the Zypper services and repositories from the endpoint that you selected are removed.

The Zypper configuration file is not deleted, but disabled when an endpoint is unregistered from a standard or SMT repository.

If you unregister an endpoint from an SMT repository, you must log in to the SMT server and delete the selected computer manually.


  1. From the SLE Custom Repository Management dashboard, click the Endpoints tab.
  2. Select the endpoints that you want to unregister a repository from.
  3. Click Unregister a new repository.
  4. From the Unregister a New Repository dialog, select a repository and click Save.
  5. From the Take Action dialog, select the computers and click OK to deploy the action.