Supported platforms

BigFix Patch for VMware ESXi supports VMware audit updates on different platforms.

The supported platforms are as follows:

  • ESXi 7.0
  • ESXi 7.0.0
  • ESXi 7.0.1
  • ESXi 8.0
  • ESXi 6.0 was deprecated. ESXi 6.5 and ESXi 6.7 have reached its End of Life on October 15, 2022. BigFix no longer provides content or support for ESXi 6.0, ESXi 6.5, and ESXi 6.7 after the deprecation date. For more information, see and
  • BigFix supersedes a bulletin Fixlet if a newer version of the vSphere Installation Bundle (VIB) that is associated with that bulletin is available. Sometimes this can happen in the same VMware patch update.