Using BigFix Patch for VMware ESXi

You can view the audit Fixlets when you subscribe to the Patches for ESXi site.

Select the Patch Management domain and click OS Vendors > VMware ESXi.

Patch Management
Note: BigFix only supports ESXi 7.0, ESXi 7.0.0, ESXi 7.0.1, ESXi 8.0, and ESXi 8.0.1. BigFix no longer provides content or support for ESXi 6.0, ESXi 6.5, and ESXi 6.7 after October 15, 2022.
Note: It is necessary to deploy VMware vCenter plugin v3.0.88 for ESXi 8.0 or later versions.

From the navigation tree, you can view recent Fixlet content, configuration, and the ESXi patches according to their version. Select the appropriate ESXi version node. You can view the patches according to their severity: Critical, General, and Security. After you select an appropriate ESXi node, you can see audit Fixlets in the Work Area. Deprecated patches can be found in the Superseded node in the navigation tree.