Adding new resources to an existing NIM environment

Use the NIM Master Configuration options of the NIM Installation and Setup Dashboard to add new resources to an existing NIM environment.

Before you begin

If new filesets are to be added to a new lpp_source resource, those filesets must be downloaded prior to adding the new resource. New filesets must be downloaded before beginning the update action. New filesets can be downloaded from any of the following tools that are provided by IBM:
  • AIX Download Cacher
  • Fix Central
  • Service Update Management Assistant (SUMA)

About this task

Only one instance of a specified resource type, such as lpp_source, can be added per action. Separate actions are required to add multiple instances of a specified resource type.


  1. From the BigFix console, click All Patch Management > Dashboards > Patches for AIX > NIM Installation and Setup Dashboard.
  2. Click NIM Master Configuration.
  3. Click Manual Setup of NIM Environment.
  4. Select the resource to be added.
  5. Set the options for the selected resource.
  6. Optional: Select the check box to create a one-time action rather than to create a reusable Fixlet.
  7. Click Create Action.
  8. Deploy the action.