NIM dashboards overview

BigFix® provides dashboards to install, configure, and manage your NIM environment.

You must subscribe to the Patches for AIX site to access these dashboards from the Dashboards node of the said site.

NIM Installation and Setup Dashboard

Use the NIM Installation and Setup Dashboard to install NIM filesets and to configure the NIM master and the NIM client.

You can use the dashboard to complete the following NIM tasks:
  • Install the filesets that are required to create a NIM master or a NIM client.
  • Configure the NIM master.
  • Initialize the NIM master and the NIM client.
  • Define and configure the NIM resources.
  • Define the NIM clients to the NIM master.

NIM Management Dashboard

The NIM Management Dashboard is designed primarily to help you use an existing NIM environment. The dashboard helps you to create content to update the NIM lpp_source resources, which can then be used to update the SPOT resources, NIM master, and NIM client systems.

The dashboard also provides a small collection of general NIM maintenance tasks that you can use. The following tasks are available:
  • Rebuild the NIM master configuration file.
  • Rebuild the NIM client configuration file.
  • Synchronize the date and time of the NIM master and NIM client.
  • Enable or disable the push permissions on the NIM masters.
Note: The primary NIM operations that are generated from this dashboard have their standard output (STDOUT) and standard error output (STDERR) stored in a text file. The time stamp and ID of the action that is running the command is also stored in the text file. These files can be found at <Path to Endpoint Manager Data Directory>__NIM_Logs/NIM_Operations_<yyyymmdd>.log. For example, /var/opt/BESClient/__BESData/__NIM_Logs/NIM_Operations_20130520.log.