Lesson 1 (Optional): Creating computer groups in the BigFix console

Available from 9.2.2. You can divide the computers in your infrastructure into BigFix groups. They are used to manage the infrastructure, and run Fixlets against selected computers. They are not automatically copied to BigFix Inventory. However, they can be used as the basis for creating computer groups that define the scope of reports in BigFix Inventory.

About this task

Important: This lesson is optional. If you do not want to create separate scan schedules for each computer group, skip this lesson and proceed to the next one.


  1. Log in to the BigFix console.
  2. Create a computer group that contains all computers that are located in the first BigFix subcapacity region: North and South America.
    1. In the top navigation bar, click Tools > Create New Automatic Computer Group.
    2. Provide the name of the computer group.
      For example, Americas.
    3. Select the site and domain in which you want to create the computer group.
    4. Specify criteria that must be met by the computers that belong to this group.
      For example, add all computers whose DNS name contains .us.
      Create Automatic Computer Group window.
    5. To save the group, click Create.
  3. Create computer groups for the remaining BigFix subcapacity regions in which you have computers.
  4. For every computer group, schedule scans and uploads of scan results.


You created computer groups in the BigFix console. To generate audit snapshots for a subset of computers, create analogical computer groups in BigFix Inventory.