Uploading software scan results

When the software scan finishes, its results must be uploaded from the computers in your infrastructure to the BigFix server. To ensure that software inventory data is up-to-date, software scans and uploads of their results should run on a similar schedule.

About this task

If you enabled the default scan configuration, uploads of software scan results are scheduled automatically and this configuration is not required.


  1. Log in to the BigFix console.
  2. In the navigation bar, click Sites > External Sites > IBM BigFix Inventory v9 > Fixlets and Tasks.
  3. In the upper right pane, select Upload Software Scan Results, and then in the lower pane, click Take Action.
    Note: The size of a single compressed scan result cannot exceed 1 MB.

    Fixlets and Tasks window
  4. Select computers from which you want to upload software scan results.
    Tip: To ensure that the action is applied on all computers that are added in the future, select Dynamically target by property.

    The image shows applicable computers.
  5. Optional: By default, software scan results are uploaded to the BigFix server whenever they are available on the target computer. If you want to specify the dates and frequency of the uploads, open the Execution tab. Specify the details, and click OK.

    Behavior area

What to do next

Schedule capacity scans and uploads of their results.