SAP Metric Data Collector configuration parameters

The configuration files contain important information that SAP Metric Data Collector requires to connect to the SAP systems from which the tool collects the license metric utilization data.

The configuration files are located in the following directory:
  • Linux /var/opt/BESClient/LMT/SAPTOOL/config
  • Windows C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Client\LMT\SAPTOOL\config

List of main configuration parameters that define SAP systems

The following parameters define the SAP systems in your environment. They are configured based on the template.sapsystem file. Do not overwrite the template file. Save the configuration in a new file named <host_name>.sapsystem.
Table 1. List of main configuration parameters
Parameter Description
jco.client.ashost Hostname or IP address of the SAP system.
jco.client.user SAP user account name.
jco.client.passwd SAP user account password.
jco.client.client SAP client number.
jco.client.sysnr SAP system number.
jco.client.lang Connection language; for example: EN or DE.
is_law Confirm whether this is the central SAP system with consolidated LAW data. Only one system in the landscape must have this parameter set to true.

Other parameters

Other parameters that are required to collect SAP utilization data should be configured in a separate configuration file After you set up the value of these parameters, overwrite the file by saving.

Table 2. List of other parameters
Parameter Description
landscape_name A custom name of the SAP landscape that is used to distinguish the SAP landscape in BigFix Inventory. The landscape name is displayed on the Resource Utilization report in a Instance column.
skip_measurements By default, this parameter is set to false. If you only need to collect SAP utilization data, without triggering measurements, set the value of the parameter to true and save the file. If you use the automated procedure, do not change the default setting of the parameter.
Note: The skip_measurements parameter is relevant only if you use LAW. In case of LAW 2.0 measurements and consolidation are always skipped.