Extended discovery of Oracle Database

You can retrieve granular information about the edition (Standard or Enterprise), options, Management Packs (including Oracle Real Application Cluster, RAC), and user concurrent sessions of Oracle Databases that are deployed in your environment. When you combine this information with the collected hardware inventory data, you can use it to calculate the demand for Oracle Database licenses. The functionality is supported for Oracle Database 11.1, 11.2, and 12.1.

Table 1. Discovered versions and editions of Oracle Database

The table consists of two columns and four body rows.

Oracle Database version Edition Supported operating systems
9.2.15 18c: 18.3 Enterprise
Oracle Database is discovered on the following operating systems.
  • AIX
  • Linux
  • Windows
For detailed versions of the operating systems, see: BigFix 9.5 - System Requirements.
12c Release 1: Enterprise
11g Release 2: Enterprise and Standard
11g Release 1: Enterprise and Standard