9.2.13 To Do list

9.2.13 Available from 9.2.13. The To Do list provides you with information about items that might require your action including failed imports of data, availability of a new version of BigFix Inventory or the need to configure a connection to VM managers.

To Do items

The number of To Do items is indicated by the number that is displayed on the To Do icon To Do list with one notification. It is shown until the appropriate action is undertaken, which can be done if you are an Administrator or have the required permissions. Otherwise, you are advised to contact the BigFix Inventory Administrator to undertake the action for you. To update the To Do List, refresh the BigFix Inventory user interface.

Table 1. Information that is displayed on the To Do list
Type of information Details
Failed import of data Provides the date and time of the import that failed as well as the date and time of the last successful import.
Availability of a new version of BigFix Inventory Provides information about the new version of the BigFix Inventory server that is available as well as the version that you are currently running.
The need to configure connections to virtualization hosts Provides information about the need of configuring connections to VM managers to avoid overcounting subcapacity licenses. For more information about the impact of not configuring connections to VM managers, see: Managing VM managers.
9.2.15 Outdated scanning actions Provides information about the scanning actions that are running and which were started using the older versions of the Initiate Software Scan and Upload Software Scan Results fixlets. To address this issue, restart these action in the IBM BigFix Inventory v9 fixlet site. For more information, see: Ensuring currency of scanner actions and fixlets.
Note: The To Do List displays the names of outdated scanning actions always in English.

Changing the scope of the To Do list

If you are an Administrator, you can change which information is shown on the To Do list. Currently, you can disable displaying information about the need of configuring connections to VM managers. To disable the information, go to Management > Advanced Server Settings, and change the value of the todo_display_vm_managers_need parameter to false.