Reinstalling BigFix Inventory with an existing database

You can reinstall BigFix Inventory and connect it to an existing database. This allows you to preserve all the data collected so far and avoid changing configuration settings.


  1. Back up the following files from the BigFix Inventory installation directory.


  2. Uninstall the BigFix Inventory server. For more information, see: Uninstalling on Windows or Uninstalling on Linux.
  3. Install the BigFix Inventory server. For more information, see: Installing the server on Windows or Installing the server on Linux.
  4. Before you complete the initial configuration, copy the files that you backed up in step 1 into the new installation directory.
  5. Perform the initial configuration and point to the existing database instance. It is enough to specify the right host name and leave the same database name. BigFix Inventory will connect to your existing database. For more information, see: Performing initial configuration on Windows or Performing initial configuration on Linux.
  6. Upload the software catalog to avoid problems with the data import. At this point, there might be some discrepancies between the server and the contents of the database, which will be resolved after the upload.