Relevance language Overview

The Relevance language, along with the Inspector extensions, is designed to let you mine your client computers for useful information, or to see if they need remediation. Inspectors are the key phrases of the Relevance language, so let's see how they are formed. Here is a illustrative page from the Windows Inspector Guide:

A Inspector has one or more creation methods to define the object. Each defined object, in turn, has properties that can be inspected. Here, operating system is the name of the object and the properties include various aspects of the OS, including build numbers and boot times.

To illustrate specific Relevance elements and Inspectors, the following sections include examples using the Fixlet Debugger (using the QnA view style). If possible, run the program (FixletDebugger.exe) and enter the examples as you go along.

Note: The QnA executable is included in the client installation package of BigFix V9.2.3.