Transferring Downloaded Files

Deploying Fixlets on the main BigFix server requires downloaded patches and other files from the Internet. Included in the BES Air Gap Package is the BES Download Cacher utility. This utility helps:
  • Download and transfer files to the main BigFix server.
  • Download patch contents in a Fixlet site or single file downloads from a url.
You can download the current utility from To see the list of available options run BESDownloadCacher.exe /?. If the BigFix server or an BigFix relay is installed on the system where you run the BES Download Cacher utility, the -x utility parameter is optional because the utility detects relevant local BES settings and reuse them as defaults

Some sites require additional steps to download content from patch vendors that restrict access. For additional information see the following Knowledge documents that describe using a tool to manually download patches for Solaris, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SuSE Linux Enterprise, and AIX.

These sites require a three step process:

  1. Run the BESAirgapTool.exe to download Fixlets and Tasks for each site.
  2. Run the BES Download Cacher utility to download any site tools from IBM BigFix.
  3. Run the download tool for each vendor to download patch contents.