Managing operators and permissions

There are three basic classes of users and each of them has different responsibilities and restrictions.

Site Administrator
Installs and maintains the software, including the IBM BigFix Server, Console, and Client programs. The site administrator cannot create operators. The site administrator has administrative access to the Server computer as well as access and the password to the site-level signing keys. For more information, see Site administrator responsibilities.
Master Operators
Have access to all IBM BigFix computers and the authority to create and manage the other console operators. Any master operator can create, distribute, and revoke publisher keys and management rights that allow console operators to deploy actions. For more information, see Operators permissions.
Manage the day-to-day operations of IBM BigFix, including Fixlet management and action deployment, typically on a subset of computers subject to the management rights assigned by the master operator. For more information, see Operators permissions.

Often these administrative roles overlap and one person might be assigned multiple tasks. The network and database tasks are limited to minimal setup procedures, which are described in this document.

Note: When you define an operator, ensure that the user name does not contain any of the following characters: :, @, and \.