A multiple server installation

BigFix includes the important ability to add multiple, fully redundant servers - a feature called Disaster Server Architecture (DSA). Each server maintains a replica of the BigFix database and can be positioned anywhere in the world. In the case of a network fracture, these servers continue to provide uninterrupted service to the local network. As soon as the connection is reestablished, the servers automatically reconnect and sync up. The BigFix relays and clients are also capable of successfully recovering from such a disconnect. DSA provides the following capabilities:

  • Continued service availability on both sides of a network split (automatic failover).
  • Continued availability in the event of a server outage.
  • Distribution of console database load during normal operation.
  • Automatic failback upon reconnecting.

To take advantage of this function, you need one or more additional servers with a capability at least equal to your primary server. All the BigFix servers in your deployment must run the same version of SQL Server. If your existing Server is running SQL 2005, your new servers must run SQL 2005 as well.

For more information about using server redundancy, see Using multiple servers (DSA).