Logging Web Reports

You can keep track of your Web Reports usage by setting up a log file. In a fresh installation, Web Reports logging is disabled by default and its settings do not exist.

The settings to control Web Reports logging, if present, are stored:
  • on Windows, in the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\BigFix\Enterprise Server\BESReports
  • on Linux, in the section [Software\BigFix\Enterprise Server\BESReports] of the configuration file /var/opt/BESWebReportsServer/beswebreports.config

The LogOn setting controls turning the logging on and off. Its default value is 0.

The LogPath setting controls the path of the active log file.

The LogFileSizeLimit setting controls the maximum log file size in bytes. When the currently used log file reaches this size, a "log rotation" is performed, the file is renamed and a new log file is used. A maximum of 10 old log files is kept, then the oldest log file is discarded. The maximum number of old log files (10) is fixed and the numbering is cyclical, from 0 to 9. If "file.txt" is the name of the log file, the old log files will be named file.txt_0, file.txt_1, ..., file.txt_9. The default value of _LogFileSizeLimit_ is 0, which means log rotation is disabled and logging is performed on a single log file that can grow indefinitely. The minimum value to enable log rotation is 1048576 (1 MB). We recommend setting LogFileSizeLimit to at least 10485760 (10 MB).

The EnabledLogs setting controls what kind of information is logged. Its value can be one of following: debug|critical|memory|store_usage|all. Its default value is "all".

To enable Web Reports logging, perform the following steps.

On Windows:
  1. Run regedit.
  2. Find the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\BigFix\Enterprise Server\BESReports.
  3. Create a new string value named LogPath and set it to the full path name of your log file, for example "C:\full_path\file.txt".
  4. Create a new DWORD value named LogFileSizeLimit and set it to the log file size in byte. We recommend a value of at least 10485760 (10 MB).
  5. Create a new string named EnabledLogs and set it to "all".
  6. Create a new DWORD value named LogOn and set it to 1 to turn logging on.
  7. Close regedit.
  8. Restart Web Reports.
On Linux:
  1. Open the configuration file /var/opt/BESWebReportsServer/beswebreports.config.
  2. Find the section [Software\BigFix\Enterprise Server\BESReports] and, under that section, add the following settings.
  3. Add the LogPath setting and set it to the full path name of your log file. Like this
    LogPath = /var/log/WebReports.log
  4. Add the LogFileSizeLimit setting and set it to a value of at least 10485760 (10 MB). Like this
    LogFileSizeLimit = 10485760
  5. Add the EnabledLogs setting and set it to "all". Like this
    EnabledLogs = all
  6. Add the LogOn setting and set it to 1 to turn logging on. Like this
    LogOn = 1
  7. Close the file.
  8. Restart Web Reports.

The next time you launch Web Reports, a log of the session is saved to the specified file.