Running the BigFix Diagnostics tool

The BigFix Diagnostics tool verifies that the server components are working correctly.

It identifies components that are incorrectly configured or non-functional and displays the results. To run the diagnostics, follow these steps:

  1. If you have just installed the Server, the Diagnostics Tool should already be running. Otherwise, log on to the Server as an administrator and launch the program.

    Start > Programs > BigFix > BigFix Diagnostics Tool.

    The program analyzes the server components and creates a report.
  2. For more in-depth information, click the Full Interface . The BigFix Diagnostic control panel is displayed. This window has tabs corresponding to the categories of server diagnostics, including Services and Web Reports.
    Note: If the message Verifying that the BESGather service can reach the Internet is displayed after a fresh install and you have a proxy, ensure that you configured it as described in Setting up a proxy connection.

    If you have not yet installed the client, a warning light is shown. It becomes green as soon as you install the client.

  3. In the Services tab check if the database and gathering services are correctly installed and running.

    If a red light is glowing next to an item, it indicates a failure of that component. You must address the stated problem before you can be sure that the Server is functioning correctly. Similarly, there is a tab to diagnose the Web Reports server.

  4. To find out more information, click the question mark button to the right of any item. These buttons link to knowledge-base articles at the BigFix Support Site.
  5. If all the buttons are glowing green, click Close to exit the Diagnostic.
Note: If the Server computer is a member of a domain, but you are logged in as a local user, the Diagnostics Tool will sometimes erroneously report that permissions are incorrect. If you see that your permissions tests are incorrectly failing, you can safely ignore the diagnostics warnings.