Managing the Server ID limit

The Server ID is the identifier of the BigFix server.

In a single instance server deployment, the Server ID is 00. If there are other servers in the deployment that are configured for DSA replication with the primary server,they will assume the following values: 01, 02, 03, etc..

With BigFix 9.5.10, the maximum number of Server IDs you can use is 32 (from 00 to 31). Consequently, the number of allowed DSA servers decreases from 256 to 32.

The following checks are run:
  • In the server upgrade scenario, a pre-check is run to ensure that the DSA servers that are already configured are not more than 32, otherwise an error message to reduce the Server IDs is issued. To solve the problem, contact HCL Customer Support.
  • When installing a new DSA server, an additional check ensures that the upper limit for the Server IDs does not exceed a given threshold, otherwise a warning is logged in BESAdminDebugOut.txt. The same check inhibits or prevents the new DSA server installation if the limit is reached.
  • When you replicate the database using the Replication tab in the BigFix Admin tool, the BESAdmin command or the RESTAPI, if the Server ID is between 26 and 31, a warning is logged in the BESAdminDebugOut.txt and BESRelay.log respectively.