View Menu

The View Menu offers the following commands.

Show Hidden Content Allow hidden content, including Fixlet messages, Tasks, Analyses, and so on. to be viewed. Content can be hidden locally (on this Console only) or globally (on all Consoles). To view this content, select this item or click the button in the Console Toolbar with the same name. From the navigation tree, all content becomes visible and you can select hidden items to unhide them if you choose.
Show Non-Relevant Content Allow non-relevant content, such as Fixlet messages and Tasks, to be viewed. Typically the BigFix operates by displaying only those items that are relevant to your network. Thus, out of the thousands of available Fixlets, for example, only a few are brought to your attention for remediation. When an item has been remediated across your entire network, it is no longer relevant and is no longer shown. This menu item allows you to examine these items, which can be useful if you want to clone or repurpose one for your own uses.
Show Status Bar Display the number of relevant messages and the connected database in the status bar at the bottom of the Console window. Select this menu item to toggle its state.
Refresh Fetch the latest information from the BigFix database. Typically, your information is updated automatically based on a schedule determined by your administrator (and by your choice in the Preferences dialog). Because refreshing causes a database access, use it with restraint.