Tools Menu

The Tools Menu offers the following commands.

Take Custom Action... Run a custom command, targeted to any subset of BigFix Client computers.
Create New Fixlet... Create a custom Fixlet message, complete with targeting and actions.
Create New Task... Create a custom Task, similar to a Fixlet message, but used by the Console operator to install software, update settings, or establish other local policies.
Create New Baseline... Create a custom Baseline, allowing you to establish a grouping of Tasks, Fixlet messages, and other Baselines that can be applied with a single click to any grouping of computers.
Create New Analysis... Create a custom analysis, based on the specified properties of the BigFix Client computers.
Create New Automatic Computer Group... Create an automatically defined grouping of computers, based on various client properties, such as name, CPU, IP Address, and so on.
Create New Manual Computer Group... Manually create a computer group which you can populate from any computer list.
Add External Site Masthead... Start a new Subscription to a Fixlet site. This command opens a browser window for you to select a masthead file, typically with an extension of .efxm.
Add Files to Site... Add text, utility, domain, or dashboard files to the sites you author.
Add LDAP Directory... Add an existing Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) or Active Directory (AD) domain to the Console.
Create Custom Site... Create a custom site containing your own content. You can create custom Fixlets, Tasks, Analyses, and so on.
Create Operator... Create a local operator with password protection.
Add LDAP Operator... Add a Console operator from the list of users on your existing LDAP Server.
Create Role... Create a Role with associated permissions over computers and sites. Roles can also include LDAP Groups, allowing you to add multiple potential users at once.
Create Custom Filter... Create a named filter that allows you to find specific custom content, based on various properties. The objects available to filter include Fixlet messages, Tasks, Analyses, Computers, and more.
Manage Properties... Create and manage properties to retrieve from your Clients, using Relevance clauses. These properties are included in the column headers on client listings. There is a default set of properties, but you can add or delete them. Properties are used to filter or select subsets of Clients for Fixlet action deployment.
View Recent Comments View the list of comments made by the Console operators, sorted from most recent to oldest. This list includes all comments, regardless of the underlying object.
Launch Web Reports... Provide access to data reports, which are collected from various BigFix Servers and aggregated into a set of HTML reports summarizing the history and status of Fixlet messages and actions across extended networks of computers.
Launch Visualization Tool... Run a tool to visualize the hierarchy of your installation, from the servers down through the relays to the client computers.