Selecting Sites

Upon installation, the program is automatically set up to subscribe to certain management and maintenance sites.

Depending on the terms of your license, you might have subscriptions to other sites as well. This means that content from those Sites automatically flows into your enterprise and is evaluated for relevance on all computers running the BigFix Client. These sites, in turn are automatically registered with an appropriate Domain, providing a simple way to divide the content into functional sections.

Subscribing to Sites from the License Overview dialog

  1. Select the License Overview node from the BigFix Management domain. The License Overview dialog appears, listing available sites.
  2. Click the enable button associated with the site to which you want to subscribe.
  3. Enter your password to subscribe to the site. The new site will now be listed in the Manage Sites node of the domain panel.
  4. Open the Manage Sites node and select your newly subscribed site.
  5. From the site dialog, click the Computer Subscriptions tab to assign the site to the appropriate computers.
  6. From the Operator Permissions tab, select the operators you want to associate with this site and their level of permission.

  7. Click Save Changes when you are done.

Note: If you change your license, you will need to resubscribe to your Fixlet sites. Although your new license is associated with your old one, only the Support site will be automatically renewed.