Introducing Sites

Sites are collections of Fixlet messages that are created internally by you, by HCL, or by other vendors. You subscribe to a Site and agree on a schedule for downloading the latest batch of Fixlet messages.

You can view and manage your collection of Sites by navigating to them and opening them in the Domain Panel. You can add a new Site subscription by acquiring a Masthead file from a vendor or from HCL. Sites are generally devoted to a single topic, such as security or the maintenance of a particular piece of software or hardware. However, several sites might share characteristics and are then grouped into Domains, which are designed to be in accordance with the typical job duties of your various Console managers. For example, the person in charge of patching and maintaining a common operating environment finds Support sites and Patching sites for various operating systems all bundled in the Patch Management Domain.

You can set up your own custom Site and populate it with Fixlets that you have developed specifically for your own network. You and other operators can then send and receive the latest in-house patches and quickly deploy them to the appropriate locations and departments.