License Overview Dashboard

Use the License Overview dashboard to subscribe to content sites.

When you add subscriptions to content sites, content automatically flows from these sites into your environment and is evaluated for relevance on all computers running the BigFix Client.

The list of available content sites that you see in this dashboard is strictly related to the license of BigFix that you purchased. When you buy BigFix, you receive a license number that defines which products in the BigFix suite you purchased. This information is used by the product to populate, at installation time, the License Overview Dashboard with the subscriptions to only the products in the suite that you purchased.

With the exception of the content related to the BigFix platform, for which you are automatically subscribed at installation time, you must manually add subscriptions from the License Overview Dashboard to the other content sites covered by your license. This means that even though your license includes, for example, the BigFix for Patch product, you still need to access the License Overview Dashboard and add subscriptions to the Patch content sites available to start using the BigFix for Patch functions.

Run the following steps to access the License Overview Dashboard:
  1. Click the BigFix Management domain in the Domain Panel.
  2. Click License Overview Dashboard. The dashboard opens.

  3. Scroll down the dashboard to review the content sites that you already subscribed to and those that are available but for which you have not yet added subscriptions.

    For more information about how to use the License Overview Dashboard and the information it contains, see Post-installation steps .