Patch using Fixlets

From the console, you can select the action for the appropriate Fixlets that you want to deploy. The action propagates across your deployment. Patches are applied based on the settings that you make in the Fixlet work area and the Take Action dialog.

About this task

Follow these steps to deploy patches from the BigFix Console by using Fixlets.


  1. From the All Patch Management navigation tree, click Fixlets and Tasks > By Site > External Sites.
  2. Select the site. In the following image, the Patches for Windows (English) site is selected.
  3. In the content that is displayed in the list panel, click the Fixlet that you want to deploy.
  4. The Fixlet opens in the work area. Click the tabs at the top of the window to review details of the Fixlet.
  5. Click Take Action to deploy the Fixlet. You can also click the appropriate link in the Actions box.
  6. You can set more parameters in the Take Action dialog.

    For detailed information about setting parameters with the Take Action dialog, see the BigFix Console Operators Guide.

  7. Click OK.
    Note: In some cases, you must enter your Private Key Password after you click OK.


The action propagates across your network, installing the designated patch on the computers that you specified and according to the schedule that you selected. You can monitor and graph the results of this action to see exactly which computers were remediated to ensure compliance.