Windows Patch Client settings

BigFix Patch introduces the following Client settings which are used in Windows patching module:

  • _BESClient_WindowsOS_BypassPendingRestartRelevance

    All Windows Fixlets that include not pending restart relevance recognizes the _BESClient_WindowsOS_BypassPendingRestartRelevance Client setting.
    When the _BESClient_WindowsOS_BypassPendingRestartRelevance is set to 1, the Client computer ignores the not pending restart relevance Fixlets that are checking for Client setting. This helps in generating an accurate patching report or compliance report.
    If the setting does not exist or if _BESClient_WindowsOS_BypassPendingRestartRelevance is set to 0, the not pending restart relevance statement takes into effect.

  • _BESClient_WindowsOS_EnableSupersededEval

    The latest version of the BigFix Patch supports evaluating the applicability of the superseded patches. This provides you with an option to continue reporting relevance to endpoints that do not have patch installed (or a superseding patch).

    Setting the client configuration parameter _BESClient_WindowsOS_EnableSupersededEval to 1 deploys the Superseded Patch on an endpoint.