Patch Overview dashboard

View patch site information in your deployment including the most relevant items in deployment and comparisons of critical patches against other patches by site. The dashboard shows all the patches in your deployment, not just those for Windows. Set view options to see the last 10 actions done for every site.

The Patches Overview dashboard displays a summary of patch information in your deployment using tables and graphs for all BigFix patch solutions, not just the statistics for Patches for Windows. The dashboard is located at the top of the Patch Management navigation tree and opens when you click the Patch Management node for the first time.

Click on the bar graph to the right to open a datagrid, with the various sites listed, which you can click to get a more in-depth view of the site. Patches for Windows is organized into one bar graph for each international Windows Patch site subscribed.

The number of items in "Other" determines how many sites can be viewed at the same time, and you can change this value.

For any given section of the dashboard, there are general statistics about the total number of patches, the number of clients subscribed, the most relevant critical items in deployment for that site, and the last 10 actions issued in the site.