Network File System support

Network File System (NFS) is a mechanism for storing files on a network. It is a distributed file system that allows users to access files and directories that are on remote computers and treat those files and directories as if they were local.

All the available Fixlets for Technology Level and Service Pack, which are on the Patches for AIX site, provide an option to install the packages from an accessible NFS share. Because these patches can be large, downloading, and extracting them directly to the endpoint can take some time. Deploying patches from an NFS share shortens the installation time, decreases bandwidth usage, and reduces storage costs.

There are few steps that you must take to use this capability:
  1. Build a repository in an NFS accessible location.

    Existing repositories can be used (such as a NIM lpp_source resource) if one already exists. If no repository exists, use the NFS Repository Management feature in the AIX Advanced Deployment Wizard. For more information, see NFS Repository Management overview.

    The AIX Download Cacher can also be used with the --repo parameter to build a repository of AIX filesets. For additional instructions on manually running the tool, see Using the AIX download cacher.

    You can use the following tasks on the same site to run basic NFS configuration:
    AIX: Enable NFS Support
    Use this task to enable NFS services on targeted AIX endpoints.
    AIX: Disable NFS Support
    Use this task to disable NFS services on targeted AIX endpoints.
    AIX: Add NFS Share
    Use this task to export a new directory to the NFS client to make the directory accessible to other systems across the network. You can specify an NFS repository location that contains the updates that you want to install. The task provides options to add a persistent or non-persistent NFS share with certain access levels.
    AIX: Remove NFS Share
    Use this task to remove a directory from the NFS client to stop sharing the directory with other systems across the network. You can remove the NFS share only from the current session or include the subsequent sessions.
    AIX NFS Service Information
    Use this analysis to display the NFS daemon status and list of shares on AIX endpoints.
  2. If you used the download cacher, generate a current Table of Contents (.toc) file using the Generate Fileset Repository TOC File task (ID #55). Run this task whenever new filesets are added to the repository.
  3. Deploy technology level or service pack update by selecting the NFS share option in the selected Fixlet. For more information, see Deploying technology levels and service packs.