Mirror management

BigFix Patch provides a way to help with the failback options for your mirror management solution.

Maintaining an active mirrored copy of the rootvg volume on another disk ensures continuous operation of the AIX operating system in an event of a disk failure. It is common practice to break the root disk mirrors before any OS patches are deployed in case issues occur during or after patching.
Note: Only two-way mirror is supported.
The following solutions are provided for managing mirrors before patches are deployed:
Break existing mirrors option in the AIX Advanced Deployment Wizard
Select this option to break two-way mirroring before you deploy any fix packs to the disks. For more information, see Deploying technology levels and service packs to a new or existing alternate disk clone.
Re-mirror disk back to rootvg task (ID # 83)
Use this task to re-establish the AIX disks when the patching or the upgrade is complete and verified.
This task becomes relevant only if the disks were broken by using the AIX Advanced Deployment Wizard.