Server Automation REST API

The Server Automation REST API is a node-based application which enables you to execute and monitor Server Automation Plans. Using this REST API, you can perform Server Automation tasks in a standardized and operating system-independent method.

Note: An older version of this application based on IBM WAS Liberty profile is still available; however, new functionalities will be made available only on the Node-based application, and hence, the older version (fixlets 108 and 109 of SA REST API) will be phased out shortly.

The starting/stopping of this service is controlled by means of a Windows service called " SARESTService".

  • In fixlet (ID: 157), both http and https ports are configurable. Default http port is 8080 and https port is 8443. User needs to update the default http and https port before installation. If the computer already runs the legacy WAS Liberty based service, the user still can install the fixlet 157 on any available ports.

The application runs only on Windows computers.

How to install/uninstall the node-based Server Automation REST API

The Node-based REST API is installed/uninstalled by means of two tasks that can be found on the "Server Automation" site, namely:
(ID: 157) Deploy Server Automation REST API
(ID: 158) Remove Server Automation REST API
The server logs can be found at: <INSTALL ROOT>\sa_rest_node\Logs.

Fore more information, refer to Server Automation REST API