The Software Distribution application is part of the BigFix Software Distribution Systems Lifecycle Management suite. This application enables organizations to improve management of their desktop software distribution processes from a single, unified point of control, and storage-optimized library.

The BigFix architecture enables IT staff to control bandwidth so that packages can be delivered without affecting network performance regardless of network size or speed.

Some of the most significant cost-saving and time-saving features of BigFix Software Distribution include:

  • Dynamic and policy-based bandwidth throttling to push large files over distributed networks without impacting line-of-business bandwidth.
  • Support for roaming endpoints with pre-caching relay infrastructure.
  • Features to optimize dynamic and evolving networks.
  • Intelligent software distribution based on endpoint characteristics.
  • Software distribution wizards and user self-provisioning.
  • Continuous software application license usage and metering, including support for existing software repositories.
  • Low-cost scalability with minimal infrastructure requirements.
  • The Software Distribution application, by default, is designed to suppress installation prompts and to install software silently.
  • BigFix does not guarantee that all programs will install with Software Distribution. For such instances, check the vendor's website for the "unattended install" string in the installer. Copy and paste the string into the actionscript of the Fixlet that the Software Distribution dashboard creates. To view the list of supported packages in Software Distribution, see Supported package types.
  • You might need to give the system some time for the installation to take in effect, despite the action showing as completed. The disk might still be spinning and finishing all the software installation pieces. Wait for 10 minutes after the completed state and check the system.