Operator permissions and associated profile actions

The profile actions that operators can complete depend on their roles and authorizations.

Profile Management implements the standard BigFix Platform authorization model. This model establishes the rules that define what an operator is authorized to do based on:
  • The Operator Role: Master Operator (MO) or Non-Master Operator (NMO)
  • Operator permissions on Sites
  • Specific operator permissions:
    • Create custom content.
    • Create actions
Important: To work with Profile Management, operators must have the WeBUI Interface login privilege set to "yes". For more information about Operators, roles and permissions, see the BigFix Console Operator's Guide at this link: Adding Local Operators.
The following figure summarizes operator roles and authorizations and corresponding profile actions:Operator roles and profile actions

Profile list view

The profile list view displays the profiles that the currently logged-in operator is authorized to access. The filtered list includes profiles that were created in sites that the operator has access to, even if the profiles were created by a different operator.

Add (create), edit, copy, and delete profile actions

To create a new profile, you must have the Custom Content permission set to Yes. When you create the profile, you must specify the site where the profile is created. The site list that you can choose from contains sites that you have access to. A Non-master operator can edit and delete profiles he created and can also edit any profile created in a site for which he has writer permissions.

Master operators are always authorized to edit or delete profiles, unless the profile is created in an Operator site that is not owned by the currently logged-in operator.

Deploy profile

To deploy a profile, you must have the Can Create Actions permission set to Yes. The deploy action is always possible for the currently logged-in operator, on the profiles that are displayed in the profile list. The operator is authorized to deploy profiles to targets subscribed to the sites to which he is authorized, unless further restrictions apply.

Stop profile deployments

Master operators can stop all deployments except for ones that were created in specific operator sites. Non-master operators can stop deployments that they submitted.