Using NFS to automate the transfer of scan results

Available from 9.2.5. You can use NFS to automate the transfer of scan results from your IBM i systems to the BigFix Inventory server. The results will be stored in a shared directory and imported by BigFix Inventory without any additional actions.

About this task

You can use NFS in several configurations:
  • BigFix Inventory acts as an NFS server
  • Each IBM i acts as an NFS server
  • You use a separate NFS server

In this procedure, BigFix Inventory installed on Linux acts as an NFS server and shares a directory with an IBM i system that acts as an NFS client. The scan results saved into the shared directory on IBM i system are readily available to BigFix Inventory. The scenario can be adopted to be used in the Windows environment.


  1. Configure the BigFix Inventory server to allow transfer by using NFS.
    1. Install the nfs-utils package.
    2. Configure the firewall to allow the NFS-related traffic from IBM i systems.
    3. Create a directory for the disconnected scans results, and change its ownership and rights.
      mkdir /disconnected
      chown nfsnobody:nfsnobody /disconnected
      chmod 755 /disconnected
    4. Add this directory as a data source.
    5. Edit /etc/exports, and add the directory to the list of shared directories. The following example shows a single IP address of an IBM i system, but you can specify a range of addresses.
    6. Refresh the NFS configuration.
      exportfs -a
  2. On the IBM i system, create an output directory for scan results and mount the shared directory from the BigFix Inventory server.
    This step connects these directories. Whenever you save files into /bfi_server, they will also be available in the /disconnected directory on the BigFix Inventory server.
    MKDIR '/bfi_server'
    ADDMFS TYPE(*NFS) MFS('IP_address_of_BFI_server:/disconnected') MNTOVRDIR('/bfi_server') OPTIONS(*DFT)
  3. Open the default /cit directory, or other directory where you store the disconnected scan scripts, and modify the following property in the script to save all scan results into the new output directory.
  4. Run the software scan to collect new scan results. When the scan is complete, the package with scan results can be imported to BigFix Inventory by running a data import.