Mapping columns between software_instances and v2/software_instances REST API

9.2.8 Available from 9.2.8. If you have custom tools or internal processes that use the software_instances REST API, learn how columns in this API map to the columns in the v2/software_instances API. It is best to adjust the tools to use REST API in version 2.

The amount of data returned by the v2/software_instances API might be greater than the amount of data returned by the software_instances API. It happens because the v2/software_instances API returns historical data about uninstalled software and removed computers. It also returns multiple records if software is installed in multiple locations on the same computer. The software_instances API does not return this data.

Note: If a column from the software_instances API that you use does not map to any column in the v2/software_instances API or the mapping provides insufficient granularity of information, submit an idea.
Table 1. Mapping software_instances to v2/software_instances REST API
software_instances API v2/software_instances API Comment
computer_system_id Computer systems are substituted with computers.
computer_id computer_id
discoverable_guid discoverable_guid
default_product_guid The default_product_guid column provides information about the default bundling.

REST API version 2, provides information about the product to which the component is in fact assigned. The information is provided in the product_name column.

first_used usage_data.first_used
last_used usage_data.last_used
valid_from discovery_start
valid_to discovery_end The valid_to column always shows 9999-12-31T23:59:59Z because the software_instances REST API does not provide historical data.

The discovery_end column provides the actual date when the component was reported for the last time.

total_time usage_data.total_time
total_runs usage_data.total_runs
avg_run_time usage_data.avg_run_time
avg_runs_per_day usage_data.avg_runs_per_day
process usage_data.process
deleted is_present The deleted column always shows false.

The is_present column provides the actual information.

catalog_dimension.software_title_name* product_name In most cases, the catalog_dimension columns provide information about the default product. In some cases, the columns provide information about the component.
Important: * If the catalog_dimension columns contain information about a component, there is no mapping between REST API version 1 and version 2 because REST API version 2 always provides information about the product to which the component is in fact assigned.
catalog_dimension.publisher_name* product_publisher_name
catalog_dimension.software_title_release_name* product_release_name
catalog_dimension.version* product_release