Removing inactive computers from BigFix

When you decommission a computer in your infrastructure, you need to remove this computer from BigFix to reflect the change in the BigFix Inventory reports.

About this task

The computer that is decommissioned in your infrastructure continues to report to BigFix Inventory. The software is listed in the metric reports, and included in license calculation. To make sure that the components that are installed on this computer are not counted, remove the computer from BigFix.


  1. Remove the decommissioned computers from the database.
  2. Run a data import.


The computer that you removed from the database is no longer listed in the Computers report. The metric reports that are generated for the period before the removal, still list the software that was installed on the computer. The reports that collect the data for the period after the computer was removed, do not include the software that was installed on the computer.