ServiceNow Data Flow

This module provides an overview and features of BigFix ServiceNow Data Flow.

BigFix ServiceNow Data Flow - Overview

With the BigFix ServiceNow Data Flow (also called Data Flow Service), organizations can now enrich ServiceNow CMDB with the rich, up-to-date data provided by the BigFix Platform. The ServiceNow CMDB can be used to discover the information that has only been available traditionally in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), such as Department, Owner and Location, back to BigFix. With this data, BigFix Operators are enabled with much more granular grouping of endpoints for targeting of actions and reporting.

After the data sources and mappings are configured, the Data Flow Service periodically looks for changes in the source system, analyzes and transforms the results, and imports the results into the target data source.


  • Highly scalable multi-process architecture

  • Bi-directional synchronization of hardware asset data between BigFix and ServiceNow

  • Concurrent execution of data transfers between the two data sources

  • Secured credential management for encrypting passwords

  • Property value transformations

  • Throttling of datasource updates

  • Weight-based algorithm for machine correlation

Audience and purpose

This implementation guide is targeted at BigFix Administrators (customers, partners, and support and services personnel). It provides detailed instructions on how to install and customize the configuration of the BigFix ServiceNow Data Flow solution.